About The Doorshed

The Doorshed has been Auckland’s trusted supplier of doors since 2014. We are the first door specialist retailer in New Zealand. We work with construction consultants, builders, architects, building owners, new home owners, renovators or anyone that needs any type of door for their home or commercial construction.

We have a huge selection of different door types at The Doorshed. Our unique specialization allows us to have thousands of firstgrade, high-quality entrance doors, interior doors, prehung doors, cavity sliders, bifolds, wardrobe doors, veneer doors, French doors and much more in stock in our 500-square meter retail store. We also have thousands of factory 2nds available.

So when you come to our store or buy from us online, we guarantee that the stock is there when you need it. All you need to do is choose and you can drive away with your doors immediately.No more delaying projects while you wait for your supply.

We know all about doors and we can confidently offer you up-to-date information on the latest door innovations, installation advice and a level of service and industry knowledge that others simply don’t have.